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Projector Lamps Original

A Lamp functions and treated as heart of a projector and undoubtedly the most important, valuable and expensive component in any projector. The expected life of a projector lamp is around 4000to 5000 hours. Once the original lamp (that comes along with a new projector) completes its life, it has to be replaced and most of the time when customer tries to get the original lamp, he ends up in buying a compatible lamp which really has a very limited life around 500 hours and even less than that. Moreover a compatible lamp cannot give an ideal luminosity (Brightness) and picture would be very dull.

Don’t blame your projector if you just don’t get a good picture quality after replacing the lamp!

So from where to buy original & genuine Projector lamps?

People are selling compatible lamps on an original lamp price and it is really very difficult for a customer to ascertain, if a lamp is original or compatible?

If you are looking for a cheaper Projector lamp, then we are not the right source!

You can get an original projector lamp form us for all the brands and models of projectors. Our prices would definitely be on a higher side but you would really enjoy the picture quality and idea life that only a genuine projector lamp can give.

                                      Tips to increase the life of Projector Lamps

Projector lamps are quite expensive and it comes with a very limited warranty and in most cases it burns out soon after the warranty period and won’t last till the expected life. The lower life span may be attributed to the mishandling of the projector. If proper care is taken, the life span of lamp can be lengthened.

Before operating the projector, the instruction manual has to be referred for the proper handling and usage of projector. Different types of models will have different specifications and the operation will be different for each model. But there are certain things that are common to all the projectors regarding handling. The projector should never be moved when it is being used, or if it is powered on or is plugged in. the Projector lamps when hot are extremely fragile, a slight movement may harm it and lessens the life span and sometime it might cause the lamp burst off. Hence sufficient time has to be given to the lamp to cool down before moving the projector. Next thing to remember is that projector should not be switched off immediately after use. Most of the projectors are equipped with fans that speed up the cooling of the lamp. These fans derive power from the power source when the projector is powered off and hence the projector should not be switched off immediately. Dust and moisture are factors that shorten the life of projector lamps. So the projector has to be kept clean always. Most of these projectors have energy efficient mode or economy mode that reduces the brightness from the lamps, thus increasing its life span. Though the clarity of the picture won’t be as good as in the normal mode, the economy mode is good for the better performance of the projector lamps.

Projectors Lamps Available for All Brands
We keep Lamps for all brands and Models of Projectors, be it Sharp, Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Canon, Infocus, Philips, LG, Viewsonic, Optoma, NEC, EPSON, Toshiba, BenQ, Hitachi, Dell, Acer,  Barco, Christy, Wolf, SIM-II, Lamps for LCD & DLP Projectors, Lamps also available for LED Projectors, Call us or mail us info@htd.co.in. for All Data Projectors, being used by you for Training and conference and for any other Purpose, you can get the Lamp changed, with housing Lamp availbale and without housing bare Lamps also Available with us. 

What is the most Important thing that one should keep in mind while getting the Lamp changed for any projector / Before and after - Take care of the following things for the safety of a Lamp & for the safety of a projector.
  • Get the projectors service before changing a Lamp : If or not if the Lamp was blast 
  • why service is required ? : 

Sony VPL Dx 100

Lamp for Sony VPL DX 100

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