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Interactive Projectors

Today interactive projectors make any surface in your classroom or presentation interactive, allowing an good experience that helps tutors/teachers teach and students learn. 

These projectors allow you to interact with your projected lesson plan from practically anywhere in the classroom or office. You can draw, line and click by touching the screen directly or from many feet away from the screen by using a special interactive pen. This flexibility also allows the persons to interact with the entire screen no matter how large because the pen interacts from a distance or by touching the screen. Height and reach are no longer barriers to the interactive workspace with this projector. Instead, you shall have incredible flexibility and total control of the classroom. Interactive projectors are the only solutions that allow you to interact on-screen or from a distance. 

Some Interactive Projectors Features

Direct touch screen interaction feature
To setup and operate is simple.
You can Remotely interact with screen  -from up to 25 feet away.
It is Cost effective -here No special display screen needed.
There is no calibration required when projector moves.

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