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Home Audio & Video Management

Modern home theater systems are nothing without the latest high-tech components and the resulting cabling. A top-of-the-line system consists of a television, a receiver, a VCR and a DVD player at minimum, and may include home theater speakers and multiple other home theater accessories, such as video game consoles. People who ensure that their home theater systems and home theater accessories are top-of-the-line generally ensure that they upgrade their hardware like their home theater speakers often, meaning that it is imperative for cables to be easily moved and replaced. This is where our products can help in your home theater installation.

Wire management systems are essential for those who want to spend more time using their home theater systems than wiring up the home theater installation. A single cord organizer can generally hold at least five cables. Our cable management ideas for home theater systems keep each cable separate and act as a more advanced method of color-coding the wires. Having a red wire for the DVD player and a blue wire for the home theater speakers allows differentiation, but it does not prevent the wires from becoming entangled and generally mixed up. Our labeling systems can help solve this issue. Braided sleeving and wire loom can also protect your pets and equipment from their chewing.

HTD was engineered primarily for use in home theater installation on smooth floor and/or high traffic environments such as photo and broadcast studios - where someone might inadvertently step on a cable snake and slip. As long as there's no excessive pressure on the cables protected with HTD, the entire snake glides quietly and effortlessly along the floor. When local pressure is applied, such as when someone steps on the cable, the high-friction material comes in contact with the floor and reduces the possibility of the cable sliding out from underfoot.

Our broad line of surface raceways and their respective accessories will ensure that you cables and wires are neatly put away and out of sight. Our selection includes and economical line that can be cut with household scissors to a higher end version that act as crown moulding, trim or baseboard and that is paintable to match your furniture, walls or any decor. Renting a condo and unable to make holes in the walls? No problem! Most of our raceways come with pre-applied double sided foam tape so you don't have to cause any property damage.

Our electrical cord covers prolong the usefulness and life of your wiring and cabling on home theater systems. Much of today's technology incorporates very delicate wiring systems such as fiber-optics. We recommend floor guards, cable guards and electrical cable covers. In addition, when wires become entangled they are safety hazards, and in this case it is important to ensure the safety of both the equipment and the owner. Rubber ducts and other rubber cable protectors ensure that the danger of tripping on exposed cords is reduced. These products can be used to conceal cabling running along a floor, offering aesthetic use as well as practical use.

A variety of alternative products are available to complement our range of protection, focusing instead on neatness. We sell a variety of cable clips, cable wraps and cable ties to ensure that you emphasize not only protection but also general safety and ease of use. All of our products, whether designed for wire management, wire protection or wire organization all comply with the most stringent industrial standards and policies, and so you are assured of top quality when ordering products from our site.

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