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Universal and Touch Panel Remotes

LCD touch-screen remotes
Why shouldn't your remote control match the rest of your snazzy home-theater setup? Not only do LCD remotes look cool, but they also offer increased versatility over lower-end models with static button arrays. So if you're looking for a universal remote that offers both form and function but don't necessarily want to pay for PC-programming features, look no further than these LCD-equipped beauties. But keep one thing in mind: their streamlined, high-tech look doesn't always translate into increased ease of use. Unlike the raised buttons on standard remotes, the flat surface of the LCD screen can't be navigated by feel, so you'll need to consult the screen whenever you use it. Some important remotes are given below:
  • Philips Pronto TSU3000
  • Philips RC9800i
  • RCA RCU900
  • RCA RCU1010
  • Sony RM-AV3000
  • Sony RM-NX7000
  • Universal Electronics NevoSL

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