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Projection Screens

Why projection screen is necessary for enjoying a good picture quality?
Projection from a projector can be taken on any flat surface but a best quality of specially designed projection screen undoubtedly enhances the Picture quality and helps you in getting a real and natural Image.   Projector screens are made of a fabric with a special reflective coating that would maximise a picture quality given by a projector. When the projection is taken onto a screen the projected light is reflected and diffused back at you. When you project onto a white wall most of the light is absorbed and not reflected back which results in loss of image sharpness, contrast and brightness, whereas if it is taken on a screen with an ordinary white glossy fabric it reflects the light in abundance and hence giving a massive strain on eyes. In order to achieve the maximum picture quality from your projector it is highly recommended to use a projector screen with a specially designed fabric. 
Projection screen really makes a lot of difference and capable of giving you a more enhanced picture quality.

Which screen is best for a Home Theatre High Definition (HD) Projector?
We generally get projection screens in two Aspect Ratios?

you really enjoy movies in 16:9 format 
Once the format is chosen, you might again get confuse for the ideal Screen Size! 
Big is good but how much BIG?
It has been observed that people make a very common mistake in choosing a very large screen as the they think,biggest the size you get, better the image would look. However, having a very large screen in a home cinema environment (or even an office) can be a bit like being in the front row of the cinema - you find yourself looking left and right across the picture instead of seeing the picture as a whole, which can be a bit distracting and a strain on the eyes. So please be sure of sizing. 
Again it is a job of an expert to suggest the ideal dimension of a Projection Screen for any given size of a room. A lot many things needs to be considered before finally deciding the size,  like sitting capacity, the distance in between, the width and length of the front wall,  the dedicated placement of ceiling fan or air conditioner, drop down length of false ceiling, Brand & Model of Selected Projector,  the placement of equipments rack (if it is to be placed in front or at the side walls) etc. One should also keep in mind the possible changes in future so that every provision for changes can be taken in advance. 
So let us decide the ideal Projection Screen size and most suitable brand of screen in budget for you.
  • DA-Lite Projection Screen 
  • Brown 
  • Draper 
  • Panaview

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