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Flat Panels LCD Plasma TV

Why TV is a better option?
Will TV really serve the purpose (Home Theatre) and better than a projector?
Do a projector really needs more care as compare to a TV?
Are Projectors  really cheaper than a BIG size of a TV?

A Projector can never replace a TV because of its (TV’s)  durability and low recurring cost as compare to projectors, but a Projector is one and only one option to get a bigger size of picture  in Home Theatres. Technology is improving day by day and getting cheaper as well in terms of pricing of products, even then the maximum size 70” ( TV)  is available in the market on a very very high price. These are not available in an open market and not readily available even with distributers. These  are not generally kept in the stock  because of huge investment and high risk it involves and a customer can only buy them with a delivery timing of 6 to 8 weeks after placing an order. Hence projector would be a better option for getting a bigger size of image if and only if we ignore the recurring cost and ready for giving more care to them.

But a TV is evergreen for home and a Projector can never take its place. 
A Projector is much more sensitive as compare to LCD / LED & Plasma TV and can never be taken for watching regular programs because, its light source (Projector Lamp/Bulb) has a very limited life, around 6000 hours. Hence we would always advice to have both TV and Projector installed in  your Home Theatre (if it is not going to be a Theatre only and would be used for watching regular programs ). If it is going to be a dedicated Home Theatre then only Projector can serve the purpose.
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